Thursday, May 31, 2007


I recently spent a day with Neale Donald Walsh listening to him talk about his concept of paradigm change which he has outlined in his books, especially What God Wants, and Tomorrow's God. I like what  he had to say about the future.

He says that we are in an age equivalent to the Age of Enlightenment, more commonly known as the Renaissance, in which it took three hundred years for humanity to completely change its mind about itself. I call what is happening on the planet "Te Quickening" because he believes that we are in such an age now, but it will take ONE TENTH the time. That means thirty years to a complete revisioning of humanity's purpose. We are making the most crucial decisions about ourselves, and enlightened self interest will dictate that we get it that this is One World, and we are IT! It feels to me like the dark ages and the age of enlightenment running concurrently giving us the chance to decide whether we choose LOVE or we choose FEAR. That concept, that there are really only two choices, fear, and everything that flows from it, panic, anxiety, sickness, poverty war, and all forms of lack and scarcity consciousness, exploitation, greed, force, control, all of the Course defines ego, or lack consciousness, which is fundamental separation, or Love which flows from awareness of all that is, joining, creating oneness, restoring innocence, remembering peace, promoting generosity, compassion, kindness, healing, and grace is, I believe, the greatest contribution that the Course has given to humanity. Most people do not realize that that awareness was the guiding idea of the Course. It has infiltrated the consciousness of much of the spiritual discourse that allows such concepts as the law of Attraction, forgiveness, gratitude etc to be built upon the basis of CHOICE of our thoughts. Conscious choosing. This is the most powerful awareness one can have, and this is why the Secret is such a blessing. The fact that clever marketing has spread the idea of choosing ones thoughts and intentions to manifest into form what is only a thought is such a powerful concept to introduce at a mass level. The learning curve from personal prosperity to planetary consciousness of abundance cannot be far behind. It is not an either or situation. We ARE the planet, and by prospering ourselves we create the means and the willingness to extend this prosperity to all. A leap of faith, granted, but we are going off the cliff together, and learning to fly! The alternative is too dreadful to contemplate. It is so depressing, but given that depression can lead to anger and lift us OUT of depression into ACTION, it gives one a framework within which to understand the quantum leap of faith in humanity's ability to transform itself that is currently underway! How do you like THEM apples?

At the end of "What God Wants" Neale says that since are connected to one another, If we become aware that we ARE this vast infinitely complex matrix of connections, we become more calm, more clear and more peaceful. And then he goes on to say that  if you really understand the implications of what he is saying, that there is no OUT THERE OUT THERE, that we are "The Only Thing There IS!" (TOTTI for short) this is who we really ARE, and understood the implications of that for the planet, we are barely able to sit still. This is exactly what happened to me while I was listening to Neale speak.

Neale told us that there were probably six or eight of us in the room who knew, and had always known, that they were called to be spiritual messengers. He said that what we should do about that was to begin to speak about these things. He said to put an ad in the paper and announce that we had something to say that speaks to the spiritual thirst on this planet. Tell people, he said, and speak for free. And once you begin, people will begin to come. The message will attract more and more people and you will soon find yourself speaking to large groups of people. This is how anyone who has ever accomplished anything significant in terms of influencing people has accomplished it.

It seems to me that we are in a momentous time, and the time has come to speak out about these magnificent new ideas of who we really are. The consequences of NOT doing so are obvious. The world is operating out of an old paradigm that dictates that there is a God OUT THERE who WANTS something from us. If we give this father figure what he apparently wants, in terms of certain behaviours that please him, then we are rewarded and get to go to the hereafter and live happily ever after in some form of Heaven.If we don't, of course, we end up in Hell. Nothing suggests that this Heaven or Hell is available to us here and now, and is self created. It is all happening TO us, usually against our will, and the only hope we have of salvation is to rigidly adhere to some set of moral rules or other which should control our lives, since our true human nature us basically evil, and in dire need of control and correction, and eventually reward or punishment, depending on how well we obey the criteria of what this God outside our self wants!  Of course, there are different versions of this God, and what he wants, and battles are being fought as we speak about which God is the TRUE God, and will therefore make which group of adherents victorious. And especially the GOD OF MONEY, (In God We Trust) is the battle drawn.

The only thing that every religion seems to agree on is that God is EVERYWHERE. And that includes US. If we are made in God's image, then why would we think WE are left out? This concept of scarcity extends to the concept of GOD, and the idea that we don't NEED anyone or anything, that we are independent and autonomous and SEPARATE beings, is our solution. That is the concept of SEPARATION as SALVATION. That thinking, our BEST thinking, has gotten us where we are today. I believe it is time for a new way of thinking, and we are blessed to be living in a time of powerful, massive spiritual transformation on this planet which will change the way we see think and feel forever. I personally find this an incredibly positive and hopeful time, despite the nightmare which is strutting it's stuff and continuing to try and convince us that this is just the way it is, and THIS is reality.

REAL reality is so much more wondrous and miraculous than what passes for reality that sometimes I can barely contain my joy. The knowledge that we are NOT who we think we are, that we have forgotten who we REALLY are, and are slowly awakening from a long and tedious dream of despair and terror into a new dawn, and are finally remembering our REAL ESTATE......well...the possibilities are boundless.

If you want to explore these possibilities and perhaps become as encouraged and excited as I am, read, of course, "Conversatons with God, but more importantly, read "What God Wants" and "Tomorrow's God." And then, my friends join me on TEAM HUMANITY.

MISS FRIZZLE and the Magic School Bus are about to head out and begin the greatest adventure of all. Come on aboard. We have a planet to save!