Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Re: Miracle in Rabat, Inch'Allah! By the Grace of God!

On 24/01/07, sonia haynes wrote:
Hello Shelora,
Thank you for your beautiful email and message. When I said to you that
your reason for going to Barcelona sometimes is not the reason, I hope
that now you are seeing what I mean. Sometimes God sends us to places
using the only reason that would cause us to get up and go. Please do
not lose heart about finding love. It will happen as I have said once
this Karmic journey is completed. You see, at one time your friend
M"Barek helped you, in spirit you made an agreement that in this
lifetime you would be in the position to assist him in his hour of
Your desire for love and your search for it created the space where you
could make it to begin your journey thus setting you on the path of a
lifetime. Had the message for you been "you will go to Europe where you
would eventually meet, help and become a catalyst for change in the
lives of so many", would you have gone? Would you have put aside your
dream of a mate, and allowed yourself to grow up beyond the high need
to now create that space within yourself for love to find you and
settle within you? The Shelora, I met that day in Lonsdale Quay was not
ready for such a thing. God has a way of giving us hope without us even
knowing what that message of hope is.
Thank you for allowing your heart to open and ever expand. Nothing can
close it now or ever. Thank you for being brave enough to still follow
the journey even when it seem that your desires are not arriving fast
enough. I promise you that love will be yours. My heart is full hearing
from your spirit.

I have a quick story. I have not sought love in my journey on this
planet because I found that my beloved is me. However I have taken the
path of being a light for others. The day we met I had chosen to put my
book in the Lonsdale Quay in order to promote my workshop. I know that
I am always being guided. The idea made no sense to me, however, I
always follow divine guidance so I booked my space, set up my booth, (I
think I forgot some of my promotional materials) and stood for hours
because, I forgot to bring a stool also. I am not a networker. I am not
a mass marketer. I sit in a quiet place and wait for the ones whose
hearts are open to the message to find me. When I have to go out into
the world it is an incredible burden for me. You see I love humanity, I
do not like the fear that keeps humanity bound is limitation and lack.
Based on the way that spirit has worked with me, I knew that I was in
the Quay to meet a very special angel who had gotten herself lost and
energetically knowing where she would be at that specific space in time
I showed up. I cannot say that I knew your name or what you looked
like. The outer appearance means nothing to me, I only know your
Now had I just appeared as a customer, sense could not have been made
of our encounter. I had to take the form of a woman promoting a little
book and a message about the power of money to capture your attention.
(You know the same thing happened when I spent a fortune setting up at
The Women's Expo last year. I met an angel who was in the space
emotionally to open to finding her way back to joy.) Our meeting lifted
my heart. After I met you I had no more reason to be there.
What caught your attention about me? I was not selling readings... I
was not trying to make myself conspicuous.

What I am trying to say dear angel is that you go where you are guided,
and in showing up you are given an opportunity to grow extra plumes on
your wings. Had you not followed the call of your heart... you would
not now be at the crossroad where you will be rewarded with the joy of
a love that fills you beyond what you as a mortal can conceive. That is
not to say that you go back to longing for love although I know that
now you cannot. This is the message of hope for you. Keep your heart
open and wait for spirit to guide you to that place for your actual
meeting with the soul that is your heart flame. Continue your work and
the blessings of the Divine spirit be with you.
Much love to you,

On 23-Jan-07, at 8:41 PM, Shelora Fitzgerald wrote:

> And so I prayed.I asked God, the Universe, the Force, The Holy Spirit,
> Allah, Jesus, all of them, whatever that allness, that "I Am" ness is,
> to send loving healing energy to M'Barek and his friends, to give them
> courage and hope to help M'Barek. I asked my friend and fellow Course
> in Miracles healer,

Dear Sonia,
What a marvelous, perfect, and timely reply. Barek moved his finger, and I see him whole and complete. He will make himself a leg, if that is what is needed, but the miracle is he will come out of the coma, simple, humble, at peace, accept what Allah has given him to deal with, and deal with it. He has taught me the lesson of love and humility and service. I know that we have known each other before. He promised he would take me to Jerusalem on camel. Three weeks. Now he has one leg. But it does not matter, because Jerusalem, the memory of those glorious days when Jesus was alive, live in my heart as if they are now. Because there is ONLY now. Thank you and bless you Sonia for holding my spirit in your heart and in your vision. Yes, I have always known I have a date with destiny, and that I am to do great work in spreading the message of abundant peace and prosperity to the planet. There is more than enough for all of us. I was drawn to your stillness. It was represented by the meditation tapes. I was supposed to buy something from the parkade to get the parking free, but I did not have to buy a tape. I recall I said, "I could use a little of that peace that meditation will bring me. I wanted to hear your voice, but the fact is I knew from your poise, your stillness, and your obvious inner peace, that you were an enlightened being. But what a gift you are to the world, standing in the market place, solitary shining, radiant with joy. Your passion and your vision captivated me. And there have been many many signs along the way. The angels drop little white feathers as a guide for me. There were eleven pennies along the path as I went to take out the garbage. I listen to the still small voice now, as I go amongst the hustle and the bustle.
I too have found the Beloved, and it is me. Any man that falls in love with me, will do so watching me work, seeing me in action. I am a Spiritual Activist. Just watch me, and you will see, and how could you not love me? The person will be attracted by my energy, which, by the way, is so much more powerful now, that I am a force to be reckoned with. I had been operating under the radar before, but now I am so large that I am visible, even when I say nothing. Which is what I will do. Whooee! What a wonderful ride this is! I love you, now, forever, and for always, my simple shepherd. I love you and your people. You are noble, and wise, and humble, and you have always been so. Bless you for being you, and for being in my life, and for listening to your guidance that day. It was an miracle.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Letter to Oprah: M'Barek's Story

Ever since I read The Little Prince when I was nine years old, I have dreamed of going into the Sahara desert, and sleeping under the stars. I am sixty-three now, and this summer my dream came true. I have had the adventure of a lifetime.

While I was in Fes, Morocco, I was adopted by a poor family of fifteen, living in a four floor tenement, supported by their widowed mother on her policeman husband's pension. The last night I was there, they asked me to promise I would tell the world about them. I said I would go on Oprah and do just that!

I left Fes for the Sahara Desert where I rode for three days on a camel led by my guide, M'Barek, 28. A guide since he was 8, he has never been to school, yet he speaks seven languages, learned from tourists. He has never been to a mosque. He says the desert is his Mosque.
On the second day of our trek, we came to an oasis where we would have lunch and rest. M'Barek found the well was dry. He told me he would be back in half an hour with water. True to his word, he returned to the tent with a plastic gallon jar filled with water, with which he doused me, laughing: a Morrocan shower!  I asked him where he had gotten the water. He told me he had dug a well. Two wells, in fact. How? With his hands! I am so grateful to this simple, joyful Berber man who took such good care of me.

So I was deeply saddened to hear that last week in flash floods in Essouira, M'Barek's house was swept away, killing his mother, father, and two of his sisters. They took him to the hospital in Erfoud, where they amputated his leg. He is in a coma. His friends raised 300 Euros to hire an ambulance to take him to a private clinic in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, at 50 Euros a night. This is more than most Morrocans make in a month. They are afraid if they put him in the public hospital he will be left to die.

They appealed me to help. If I appear on Oprah, it is because I promised God I would find a way to let the world help them, and the Secret led me here. 

Miracle in Rabat, Inch'Allah! By the Grace of God!

And so I prayed.I asked God, the Universe, the Force, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Jesus, all of them, whatever that allness, that "I Am" ness is, to send loving healing energy to M'Barek and his friends, to give them courage and hope to help M'Barek. I asked my friend and fellow Course in Miracles healer, Dr. Dennis Gaither, Psychiatrist, to tell me what the prognosis for someone who had ben in a coma for two weeks was. He told me, brain damage was likely, the longer that he stayed in the coma, that he needed to be fed intravenously, and by a feedign tube, he needed round the clock care, which he would not get in a public hospital. And the younger they are the better they do. I grieved the joyful, sunny, humble man who had taken such magnificent care of me in the desert, fed me, brought me water, made me laugh, and showed me the secrets of the desert, all the while, singing quietly his song of joy.  I cried, I grieved. I let go. I accepted that it was not up to me, It was up to God, and to M'Barek. If he chose to go on, and be with his family, prehaps it was better than to live brain damaged, with one leg. How could he guide like that?

I asked my friends to pray. I asked my friend, Colin, who does long-distance energy work to send hin healing energy. He did so for a week. He told me that he saw M'Barek, "Is he a Blue Man of the Desert? he asked, "Yes, " I answered. "He is a Berber, the poorest of the poor in Morocco, so poor that the flood that took nine lives, four of them from M'Barek's family, is not even reported in the Moroccan news. No one takes note of the deaths. No one sends aid. I tried for three days to contact the Red Crescent, the equivalent of the Red Cross in Morocco. No response. Cannot be reached. They are left to take care of each other."

The Berbers, I discovered in Spain, are the Moors that Shakespeare speaks of, noble, elegant, and proud, who inhabited and ruled southern Spain for eight hundred years. They built L'Alhambra in Granada. They were scientists, architects who anticipated earthquakes, and allowed a gap in the slender alabaster columns so that the tremors would not destroy what must be one of the seven wonders of the World. They are wise, humble, noble people, nomads, now living simply in beautiful mud houses or tents, but extremely civilized, gentle, and kind people. 

Colin told me M'Barek  seemed, from what he could tell, much older than twenty-eight years old.  He could only see his eyes, with his blue turban wrapped around his head. Colin told me he seemed at peace, content with what was happening, and he accepted the energy Colin sent him. He told me not to be sad, that M'Barek is fine, accepting of what has happened, at peace. I accepted that he might die. And I surrendered to that possibility. I accepted it. I felt his peace, let go, and gave him my permission to do if that was what he needed to do.

In fact, for two days I heard nothing, and I thought he might have died. I did not know. But I accepted and made peace with whatever happened. And on Sunday, I felt a shit, and a feeling of inexplicable Joy flooded through me. All day I focused my intention on M'Barek, while going through my day, meeting incredible people, and sharing the story with anyone who would listen.

I kept on sending him energy. I kept on seeing him in the light. I sent money. I asked my friends to help in any way that they could. One by one, people gave me money to send to M'Barek or sent it to Rachid, by Western Union. My cousin, Elaine Hobday, who recently lost her beautiful young daughter, Rosalind, to breast cancer, sent enough to keep M'Barek in the hospital for one day. I ws so encouraged by her kindness and generosity. It was like everyone was opening their hearts and what I wanted more than  anything was for these three people to know that they are not alone, that we care for them, that we are touched by their tragedy, and we are willing to do something about it. They are not invisible. They exist, and they are one with us, and their lives have value.

And, of course, I realize now, that this is myself I am talking to. The action of love that I take in the world is given to myself. Because I am that man, who I consider to be the most humble, and richest man I have ever known.

I kept picturing him healthy and smiling, and laughing. I replayed every moment of those wonderful three days. I kept repeating his name, like a Mantra, and sending him all the love in my heart. I went to Western  Union to send the money that my teacher friend Trevor gave, and came home. And there was an email from Rachid. He had been in the south, with his father, who gave him all the money he had, 1000 Dirhams. That is about ninety dollars. His life savings.Rachid told me that he had talked to the doctor, and M'Barek had moved his FINGER!
And he said that he should be out of the coma within a week!

It is a miracle. He will live! I am so grateful for this sign of life,

I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me, all of you who have helped. You have made it possible for him to stay in the private clinic which was his only hope. Rachid says he is being very well cared for there. I am truly amazed and humbled by the gift that this experience has given me.

I now know, for absolutely sure, that I am not a body, I am Spirit, and I am free. As my friend, Dr. Gaither so eloquently put it, the portals of our love for each other have communicated across time and space, and demonstrated beond a shadow of a doubt what is Real. Only Love is real, and the healing came as he received and understood, at the level of his soul,  how deeply loved he is. What a blessing this simple man has given me. This truth, which I knew previously only intellectually, is, as Dennis put it  " now implicit, a part of the very fiber of my being"  that we are not bodies. We are free. We DO NOT DIE! The Holy Relationship  transcends time and space with the power of Divine Grace. We are all included in this blessing!

So thank you to all of you who offered your prayers and opened your hearts and some of your pocketbooks. It does not matter in what form you responded, and continue to respond, What matters is the outpouring of love that shifted everything. Never doubt that, as it says in A Course in Miracles, "Together we cannot do."

Bless us all, every one.! And THANK GOD for this miracle of healing which is available to all of us. THIS is the SECRET of the SECRET. This is the Law of Attraction at work. This is the healing power of love at work. That focused intention is what cut through the illusion of time and space and tapped into the realm of eternity.

On Sunday at Church where I went to listen to a lecture in a series on The Secret, the DVD that is sweeping the planet with a message of hope, of peace and prosperity for EVERY ONE. Austin and Mary Hennesy talked about the Vertical Axis that goes straight to the Kingdom of Heaven, and creates it here on  Earth. They said, as it says in the Course in Miracles, that if you put the Peace of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, above all else, then all shall be given to you. Simple words, but profound in their implications.

Once you realize that, then you can have anything you want. And so it is.

In the midst of this process, I decided that I would take the opportunity to write to Oprah, and tell this story. She is looking for people to be on her show who have an amazing story to tell of how the Secret works in our lives. Proof, if you will, of ordinary miracles, using the law of attraction.

The last night I was in Fes with Assya  and her family, Said, her brother, the musician, asked me to tell the world about them. I promised I would. I told him that some day I would be on Oprah telling the world about these people, their poverty, their generosity, and their beauty. And I would help them. I intend to make good on that promise, and I fully expect that when Jack Canfield and James Ray and all the others from the Secret DVD are on Oprah, I will be there with them. And if I am, it is because the Secret led me there.

Hold that thought, that i reach out to all the people watching the show and am able to touch their hearts and they send help to my friends in Merzouga.

Peace and prosperity and well being for all. That is my heart's desire.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Tragedy in Morocco - A Cry for Help

I have not written much since I came home. I have been waiting for guidance as to the next step. It came in the form of a cry for help from my friend Rachid Aderedor in Morocco. We have kept in touch by Skype, and I received very sad news from him about a situation involving involving my Moroccan guide, M/Barek. There has been flash flooding in Merzouga, theh Oasis near the Sahara where M'Barek lives, or rather, lived. In the floods last week his house was destroyed. His mother, his father, and two of his sisters were killed. He survived, but in a coma.They took him to the hospital in Erfoud, 40 miles away, where they amputated his leg. This is the town where I stayed at Ahmed's house with his cousin Rachid, whose family has a hotel in Me\zouga. Rachid has stayed in touch with me. The thing is that in the public hospital in Erfoud, while he was and still is in a coma, they amputated his leg. So he is hanging on to life by a thread. This is the man who found me water in the Sahara desert, who sand joyfully and laughed as he caught me a lizard, the fish of the desert. He was my guide, my cook, and my friend. And now he needs help. In order to get him to a private hospital in Rabat, in the North of Morocco from Erfoud in the South, they raised 300 Euros to pay for and Ambulance to drive across Morocco. He is now in Hospital in Rabat. It costs 50 Euros a night. RAchid says that the treatment is much better than in the public hospitals, and he is praying that he lives. I sent money, of course, and I am now looking at International Global Aid agencies. No one ever knows about the flooding in Mersouga which wiped out a large part of their community last year. Because of Global Climate change, the heat has gotten hotter, and the floods have gotten more severe. They have never experienced flooding this bad. It is the Moroccan Katrina. But no one even knows it is happening! I need to find help, fast, to pay for M'Bareks's hospital, and eventually, if he lives,  for a nw leg. Otherwise he cannot guide. He has no education. He speaks six languages, all learned from the tourists. He is a good man, 28 years old, and his life has been devastated. He needs help and he needs it now. Any suggestions?

May peace prevail.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Path of Abraham: A Pilgrimage of Peace

Dear Friends

This summer I went to Spain thinking I would walk El Camino Del Campostello. Instead I found myself alone with my guide in the Sahara desert in Morocco looking at the Face of God from atop a dromedary ( a one-humped camel.) As the camel swayed, I watched the magnificent sunset over the sand dunes. Enraptured, I found myself singing, in a language I did not know, an unbearably sweet song which my soul understood to be a hymn of praise to Jerusalem. In that sacred moment I made a solemn promise, a vow to myself and to God (which I consider the same entity) that not only would I remember this moment on my dying day, but I would work for the rest of my days to make peace in Jerusalem between all the different faiths.

Today I discovered this project:

The building of this Abrahamic path of pilgrimage and worship  is, I believe, essential to restoring peace to this planet through forgiveness, compassion and understanding.

In the words of the poet Rumi,

"Define and narrow me,
You starve yourself of yourself.
Nail me down with a box of cold words,
That box is your coffin.

I do not know who I am.
I am in astounded lucid confusion.
I am not a Christian, not a Jew,
not a Zoroastrian,
I am not even a Muslim....
I am the life of life.
I am that cat, this stone, no one.....
I see and know all times and worlds
As one, always one.

What do I have to do to get you to admit who is speaking?
Admit it and change everything!
This is your own voice echoing off the walls of God."

In the words of A Course in Miracles, the Voice for Love, perhaps that of Christ, states:

"The power of our joint motivation is beyond belief, but not beyond accomplishment.
What we can accomplish together has no  limits,
because the call for God is the  call to the unlimited."

Please help participate in this beautiful work of affirming and walking the path of peace.
May peace prevail.