Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pondering the Effects of Fire the Grid

At two-thirty in the morning of July 17th I woke with a wave of nausea and watched a beautiful purple and white Mandala take shape behind my eyes, pulsing with delicate shifting patterns of white and purple light.

I was in an apartment near Stanley Park and went immediately to the beach nearby where people were already waiting for me for the Fire the Grid ceremony. Together we set up the tea lights I had brought in a huge circle. They made a heart of light in the centre and I made an altar with pink roses for the heart chakra, and musical instruments for joy.  I gave the sage smudge I brought to a Native woman who smudged everyone as they arrived and joined the circle. People came in waves, finally close to two hundred people gathered in silence.

I said a few words about the ten million plus people that were gathered all over the world, celebrating our Oneness, and how the energy would go right through the heart of the earth to the iron crystal at its centre and be amplified a thousand times. Ten million times one thousand is Ten BILLION. That is more than humanity itself. We have reached critical mass!

I led the circle in a prayer for Humanity  by Don Miguel Ruiz, and said the Sanskrit Salutation to the Dawn. Then there was a talking circle in which each person said what they were wanting to contribute to the event. Mostly it was LOVE.The talking circle  ended magically precisely at 4:11 am. We sat in silence as the dawn swept the earth. The tea lights twinkled against the backdrop of the lightening sky, and the city lights across the ocean. It was GORGEOUS. When it was 5:11. I rang the chimes, took the hands of those on either side, and we rose as ONE. We were all so beautiful! There was purple light all over everyone. I suggested we sing "Let There be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me." Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to Mother Earth. It was, after all, a "Rebirth day Party" for our  Beloved Mother.  I think She liked it! And it was definitely the best birthday party I have ever had.

Then we went for breakfast at Denny's.

And waited for signs of the miraculous.

For some of us the seeming opposite was true. But miracles come in strange forms.

Last night I went to the Memorial for a new friend I met five months ago, a Renaissance man named John Pifer.  He was at the height of his career as a political commentator, writer, and spiritual practitioner. He had just gone to London and Paris, his favourite cities. Diabetes. Gone in five weeks, after a toe amputation.

When I visited him in the hospital, I could see he was dying. I went to him, gave him a huge hug, and asked him if he wanted me to touch him. He indicated yes, he wanted touch on his temples. So I put my hands on him and Divine energy flowed through me into his head. Tears flowed out of his eyes as he said "That was very powerful.I think I am finally getting it now. I feel so loved."

And just now, in the middle of the day, I lay down for a nap. I was woken again by the same wave of nausea, and this time there was a mandala of purple and GOLD pulsing light. Waves of it, intricately veined and patterned, pulsing like flames of liquid gold and purple flame. It was exquisite and lasted for some five minutes or more. It feels as if there is some transmission of Divine energy being downloaded. My friend who was recently enlightened tells me it is just chane and purification. But I wish they would let up on the nausea thing!

There are those who are looking for some more tangible form of confirmation that something changed on July 17th. Stanford University, which has a system of measuring Human consciousness, has been recording the patterns for twenty-odd years. They see spikes upwards and downwards when there are major events like 9/11 or the Tsunami. They recorded a decided spike in energy on July 17th.

According to Neale Donald Walsch, we are now in the midst of a Divine transmission of energy unlike anything we have ever known before. It took 300 years for Humanity to revision itself during the Renaissance. This time it will take about thirty years, but the next three or four years the process of Ascension will accelerate. Barbara Hand Clow explains that this correlates perfectly with the Mayan Calendar culminating in the final year of a a 26,000 year cycle with 260 days in 2011 and 2012.

As Gangaji said this past weekend that I spent with her, Humanity is making the most important choice it has ever made, a choice between Ascension and Armageddon. She said, with a wry smile, "I  know which one I want for us!" It is a choice each of us individually must make, knowing, or trusting that each one that does powerfully choose to wake up will light up a thousand others with their love.

The ONE of us is waking from a long nightmare of separation. There are those who will continue to gather evidence of Armageddon and the Judgment of Hell that is being visited upon us. But, as Gangaji pointed out, each of us has the choice of what we want to make our lives a sign of, pointing to Heaven or to Hell. The most important thing she taught was that it is by embracing the realm of Hell, the horror of human existence, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly,  as part of the Divine Oneness, the perfect mandala that we all are, that we can all awake and remember who we really ARE, and findn Heaven on Earth. That is the sweetest nectar of all, the reward for the willingness to embrace the encounter with the dark side, the fear and judgment, the pain and suffering of the Hell Realm in whatever form it takes for you.  She said nobody wants to go there, there is plenty of evidence for the suffering of loss and gain. But,  she explained, underneath all loss and gain, if we enquire authentically, we come to a place where there is only love.

It is the willingness to distinguish the awareness of this love that will eventually save us from the nightmare of war, greed and lack, the rampage of hate, death and destruction that seems to be running us into utter madness and devastation. This is so in ALL our relations. The war between us all must end. I pray for those who hate and fear each other that there come an end to their suffering.

And so I want to send my gratitude and blessings to all light workers everywhere who participated in faith and hope on July 17th.

Because by your simple faith in being there in whatever way you did, even in your sleep, you had the courage to Find Hope in Hell. For those of you who came to Stanley Park, rising in the dark to face a new dawn you demonstrated just how powerful one act of faith in can be.

Let that choice reverberate throughout your lives as it has through mine. And, as you do so, may you be blessed by the gentle beating of angel wings shedding their comfort on all who yearn for Love's gentle embrace.

Angels are strewing little white feathers in the oddest of places. Last night I am certain there were angels inside the swelteringly hot Masonic Hall where we gathered in the sweletering heat to remember John's life. At the back of the room I found a tiny white feather. It must have been carried in by the refreshing breeze that swept through the hall as his friends spoke, though I did not see it float to my feet. It was just there. Then, after I drove a newly enlightened friend home, I found another feather on the floor of my car.  There are angels everywhere, if you choose to see them.

My dearly beloved friends, be prepared for more such waves of glorious healing all over the world. It is subtle, invisible, but do not mistake that for non-existent. The scoffers and the nay-sayers are simply filled with cynicism, resignation, doubt and fear. They are looking for proof that nothing happened so they can continue in the egoic self righteousness of despair.

Know that negativity, that sense of separation and hopelessness is being burned off and transformed and purified as we sleep and move in our days. Our relationships are being transformed. All hatred, jealousy and greed is being held up to the light to see it as it really is, the face of fear and control, anxiety and worry.

There is an opportunity, more accurately, perhaps, a challenge being given to each one of us to restore integrity to our relationships. As Reverends Austin and Mary Hennessey told us so movingly last night, look to see who you love, who you have lost connection with, who you need to forgive or be forgiven by, and simply love them. Tell them you love them. Send them your blessings.  Recognize the pain of their struggle. Acknowledge the contribution that they have made to your life. Love them.

I say, moreover, clean up your act on every level. Make peace. Create beauty and order. Physically restore your own personal environment to integrity, whether it be by Feng Shui or purging the clutter. Prune the deadwood in our relationships so that they can flourish.

Allow the flame of Violet healing light to shimmer in your mind. Invite the presence of the Divine into your day, and surrender to this powerful process of Love that is sweeping the planet and penetrating everything and everyone.

Anything that is UNLIKE love will be purged. It feels like a giant tsunami wave of nausea and poisonous rage being released from the Hell Realm to express itself fully as it spews onto this planet.

But I assure you that there is an equally massive wave of Divine Love flowing in to take its place. Powerful shift is taking place. Nothing is the same, We have received, and are continuing to receive, healing infusions of emergency aid, transmissions of joy and love and peace that are transforming our consciousness in ways we can't even begin to imagine. It is like a huge process of birthing a new way of being, and nothing worth having is without labour. But the joy of the new birth, the innocence and hope in that lovely child's eyes makes every wave of nausea utterly worth it!

That is what happened on July 17th: an opening of the Heart Chakra of the planet and an outpouring of love unlike anything seen in this world before. I believe that this is only an indication of what is coming. Hold onto your seat-belts, folks. It's going to be a wild ride!

May peace prevail.