Sunday, December 31, 2006

WOW! Thank you, Universe!

I am astounded! Miracles ABOUND! They never cease!
It is midnight, the day after the workshop in Granada ended. I just came home from another amazing day. The day began with my pulling the Course in Miracles Card:
"If you knew who walks beside you on the path you have chosen, you would have no fear".
For the last few weeks I have had the sense that there are angels all around me, radiating light all over everything. This morning Kristian told me that I was his angel, that he now sees light all around everything, and it began with me. Last night Oscar told me that when I burst on the scene, it was like my energy cleared everything in its way, like a whirlwind, errupting with joy. He said that he felt as if "All the dirt dropped off me," he said, and I am ready to work.I knew that I would heal my relationship with my father with you."He was a quick and clever student, like his father, and, with the help of Spirit, the miracle that I expected arrived, despite fear and doubt and uncertainty. By the end of the weekend the father and son reunion had inspired an avalanche of reunions.
I was deeply grateful for that opportunity to bring healing to their family.
But I was exhausted! I gave so much and at that moment, I had no more to give. I woke at three and could not get back to sleep. I have to learn to deal with energy vampires, because I appear to have boundless energy, and I am willing to give so much. I do it because I am aware that the Source is infinite, but I have to set boundaries to protect and nurture my energy so I have something to draw on. Meditation, and rest and food are neccessary.

I am in a body. I am not an angel yet!
So this morning I took it easy, took advantage of my office here, and the quiet, and sent emails. I cracked up at the Note from the Universe that said I owed at least a wink or a sideways glance of acknowledgment for the miracles that were happening. Because every dream I have ever had is coming true.

I am here in Europe WORKING!
Everyone went home from the workshop and called all the people they love, and apparently they are driving from all over Spain to meet me! I have seven appointments booked tomorrow! Private sessions, in a house out in the country north of Granada. And people in other towns wanting me to come to their town and do workshops.

I am booked to go back to Barcelona tomorrow, but.... I still don't know what comes next. I am not rushing into the next moment until I know what it is, which is revealing itself to me like a fine white carpet being unrolled at my feet, softening my every step and leading me gently on.
I am trying just to stay present and be available and say yes to everything that presents itself. It is clear to me that there are no obstacles any more. Anything i have ever wanted I can have here and now. I am a manifesting dynamo! And it is so easy! So gentle. and so much FUN!!
Listen to this.
This afternoon Monica took me to her RECORDING STUDIO. I did not realize they had a RECORDING STUDIO! State of the art. Top musiceans in Spain record there. It is my dream looking me in the face once again! All I have to do is ASK and when the Universe delivers, say THANK YOU!!! Wowee!! I can record the guided meditation tapes I have been rehearsing and are present inside me, HERE!!!
Within a few hours of walking into the recording studio, we had laid down a track of my voice , guided by the Voice for Love. Inspired by Spirit, I sat on the stool in front of the mike in the darkened studio, with Monica at the sound board, and through me flowed a guided meditation which I located in La Alhambra, a place of fountains and reflecting pools and gardens of great beauty and peace. It was practically perfect, flowing out of me. as my eyes were closed and I pictured La Alhambra in my mind.I wove together the strands of the visions I have already been given. 30 minutes and 21 seconds, and room for music, pauses, all making it 45 minutes to half an hour. Monica will edit it and produce it tomorrow! While I am doing private sessions with all these people who are coming to meet me!
The teacher of the group, who has been in Ramadan, 600 kilometers away, wass phoned at one in the morning by one of the participants in the workshop. Today when Monica phoned him, he said, "Why didn't you tell me she had a message for me?" I told her she should have said, "Why didn't you listen?"
So, I have five clients tomorrow, and a place to work, and that is just the beginning.
I have already designed the CD cover, and I will ask Laila if I can use her painting for the next one. And the music? Dead Can Dance, the very music that is on my Ipod, is on their computer in their studio. Add some sounds of wind and flowing water, and we have a beautiful first class CD which I did in HALF AN HOUR! One shot!!! It just flowed out of me.I will ask their permission because of the copyright, but if it isn't there, Angel (yes, that is Monica's husbamd real name) can create some music on the synthesizer.
This kind of spontaneous creativity t has been part of my dream forever, to make CD's and write my book, to travel and teach and write and speak and inspire people to live their dreams as I am doing now, and to live in a creative community. I am here, and I am doing it. It is so easy, and so much FUN!!!
The best part is that I now realize I have a whole team of friends all over the world who are cheering for me, and troops of angels who are surrounding me and supporting me and leading me on.
Sonia Haynes told me that she did not see me staying in Canada. She said if I had to come home that I would return to Europe. She also told me I needed to charge five hundred dollars when I speak, to begin with. because I cannot continue to live on a credit line with everything going out, and nothing coming in.
This has been a time of clearing and investing my energy.
But that is not all.
Now, just as I am about to go home, GET THIS!!
Another part of my dream has been to infiltrate the business world with the Course, and Teach the basic principles of The Law of Attraction, and Love in the corporate environment. I was so baffled today that when we went to Monica's parent's house, I was asleep in the front seat of the car. Monica came out and woke me, saying that her father had some questions he wanted to ask me. Later.
Well, after the recording session we went to pick up Monica and Angel's little girl, Lucia at her parents hosue. There was the whole family, beaming. Mother brings me coffee so I can stay awake. I find myself in a business meeting with Jose, who said at the end of the workshop, "I didnĀ“t believe in miracles, but I have had a miracle in my life." Basically he was saying that I made a believer out if him. And he had spent the whole day thinking about this whole question of his coaching business.

I had been sending him energy around it, because what had happened to his family life had so severely affected everything in his business life and vice versa. Seven or eight years ago he gave up and disappeared, abandoning his family. They had never forgiven him, and he had never forgiven himself. Somehow in the workshop I managed to clear the relationship between the father and the son, and you can't believe what happened next.
This man, who was a top level executive and is now a business coach, asked me to help him with his coaching business. He said he could not deal with the emotional aspects of a certain CEO who was killing his company because everyone was sick of him yelling at them and controlling them, and he needed me to help him heal this man, the way I had done in the workshop with him.
He needed me to help him heal this top level CEO. Would I become his partner in a new business?
Would I?? Uh, YEAH!!!
Within one hour we had formed the business and he committed to writing the business plan within four weeks, and sending it to me, and inviting me to come and work for his company in Spain! In the Spring!
So, now I have accomplished every goal I set before I came. I said I was going to explore the possibility of living and working in both Europe and Canada, Now I have exactly what I need to come back here! He wants to make BIG money, three thousand a weekend! Form a team! Everything I always wanted!
Now, knowing how impulsive and spontaneous, and even reckless I can be when I get carried away, I have to figure out what I can post on my blog safely, because I don't want to blow this one!
Whoops! There goes my ego again! How can I blow it? That is ridiculous. That would be ME robbing myself of my natural inheritance, which sure as Hell isn't GUILT! In fact, one of the books that is sitting inside of me is the comic book that Samuel suggested. I have the name for it: GUILT BUSTERS!!!!
So, whenever I feel tempted to attack myself with guilt, or wallow in self pity and fear and delusions of lack, and attack,
I just pause, and remember the words of the Course.
"ALL ATTACK IS SELF ATTACK,." so therefore,
"If I defend myself that I am attacked.". and
"It is but myself I crucify." "
Nothing unreal (guilt and fear) exists!" because
"What is all encompassing can have no opposite!"
It is as if I have imbibed the Course for so long, that it is a part of me, and it teaches me throughout the day. I can hear the Voice any time I want to now. I just have to stop and listen. "Be still a while and go home." It just flows through me like a river of light, washing me clean.
According to the Law of Attraction, The Universe is waiting to deliver anything I want, and because I have cleared the blocks to receiving it, with forgiveness, there is no resistance, no place for it to get stuck. The way is now CLEAR! I am to put aside all my small projects, and GO for it!
Oscar, Monica, her husband Angel and their father Jose and me are going to work together as a TEAM! All the conditions of the Holy Relationship have been met. We are joined in purpose, we love to work together, there is a safe place where we can heal together, and we can bust each other's egos! We laugh together, and eat together and rejoice and celebrate together. Family!
I can WORK here! I can teach here. I can make money here. Legally! There is no limit to what I can do! And, joined with these lovely people, there is no limit to what WE can do!
And all because I asked the Universe for this opportunity.
"Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you!"
The Vision is clear.
The Mission is clear.
And the Purpose is clear.
Oscar's father, Jose, sixty years old, a man who had suffered at the hands of a "strict father" as most men in Spain do, was now sitting next to his son who translated for us, working in union with him, his dream coming true.We all joined in a Holy Relationship, and we shook on it.
As I left his house with his son to drive home to the apartment that Oscar has given me for my stay, Jose stood on the steps, put his hand on his heart, looked deeply into my eyes, and, speaking in English, which is difficult for him, he said, simply, "Thank you for bring light to my family!"
Oscar told me later in the car that his father has been thinking about this need for transforming and healing the corporations from withing instead of just "rearranging the furniture on the Titanic," or redesigning the organization flow charts, for a long time." Basically, "Oscar said, "You are the the answer to his prayers." And this from a man who did not believe in God! Well, the old patriarchal, punishing, vengeful God, anyway. Now he understands that God is good, compassionate, and kind. And inside of him. There is no old man on a throne sending one to the left to Heaven, and the other to the right to Hell. That is the Auschwitz version of God. THAT is the God that is dead, the God created by the ego when it usurped the throne of God.
The miracles keep on coming, and I just keep opening, opening, surrendering to the incredible boundless joy of it. It is so amazingly quiet and sweet. The bursts of joy are like a silent orgasm of light. I can see it everywhere now, at any time. It is dazzlingly beautiful, but calm at the same time.
Thank you, Sandy, for being my teacher and my inspiration. As you showed me, I am Unstoppable, outrageous, and TRULY powerful. I am attracting support and followers and creating and coaching my team. I am attracting opportunity and creating openings for miraculous transformations. I love my life. I look fabulous. I have boundless, infinite energy and creativity.I am receiving guidance from the Highest Source. The abundance of the Universe is glowing in my mind, flowing through me like dazzling fish in a river of light. " And a river will save them," said DavidPaul and Candace's little girl, and it has. I stepped into the river and lI et it take me. Every apparent disaster, I have healed with forgiveness.. I am truly blessed!
Now I have stepped into my true greatness, as opposed to grandiosity. I am now the Teacher I dreamed I would one day become. Yesterday, in the workshop, a beautiful artist told me that I was her teacher, and so, if I was returning to Vancouver, she would move to Vancouver to be with me! What? This is more than I even dreamed was possible, but strangely enough, I feel comfortable with it. I am ready. As long as I move slowly and gently and let myself be guided, I will be fine. I finally understand what the Course is saying when it says that "a healed mind does not plan." Sonia told me not to worry too much about a few hundred dollars here and there. Listen to Spirit, she said. She also said "I am very proud of you!You have learned how to follow guidance, and miracles are abounding in your life. Love is on your doorstep!
Sonia told me that it was so big, that I had no idea, and that in order to allow it to grow to its full potential, without anxiously rushing ahead and trying to plan and control, my guides were trying to teach me to go one step at a time, just stay present. I am good at what I do. It is dedicated, I am fully committed, and now the way is open.

Somehow I know that, even though I have not met my Beloved in physicial form, I will meet him here in Europe when I come back. I have work to do here, and I need to go home and get a Visa and get my book written! And my articles for The Course in Miracles conference. I need an agent! I have a producer! I have a team. I am training them. They love and support and appreciate me.
So there it is, the way to the CD's, the Video's, the speaking engagements, everything I need and want, is here. I asked Jose where I would live, and he gestured, UPSTAIRS! Everything is just falling into place. It is just so easy and graceful! All I have to do now is write my book!
They love me, and they say there is a great need here in Spain. Everything I ever wanted to do, I am doing HERE! And NOW!!!

May peace prevail.

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A New Year

May peace prevail.

MEET EACH OTHER! And Together Let's Have the Best Year Yet!

I want you all to know that as I look at this new year of 2007, I see great hope. I am so excited by this vision that I felt compelled to write to you all, and hopefully inspire you to begin joining in purpose with me to lift the world to a new way of seeing.

So, I am talking to all of you as if you were in my living room, where I am starting my Intenders Mastermind Circle. This is a group dedicated to making dreams come true. It begins with me, and I am inspired just thinking of all the amazing, magical and miraculous healings and enlightenments that happened in Spain this summer. There is no limit in time or space that cannot be transcended by a powerful intention. I see a world healed, I see prosperity and thriving economies all over the world, and people sharing the water and the air and the resources, and helping one another to grow and prosper.

More specifically, for the group of amazing young people that I was guided to meet this summer, I see a multi-media production of inspiring artists, musicians,film makers, writers and speakers, all teachers of Love, like myself, taking the world to the next level of wildly abundant joyful living through practicing the SECRET POWER of manifiesting.

The truth is that together we are unstoppable. AS Bon Jovi said in Live Aid, We ARE the World!
Michel Jarre just did a CONCERT FOR THE WATER IN MERZOUGA, the Oasis in  MORROCCO where I was this summer. I know musicians there as well. I promised Said I would do something for the planet. He promised he would write me a song that unites all, across the lines, neither Muslim, nor Jew, Nor Christian, nor Zorastrian, but ONE VOICE FOR LOVE AND PEACE AND HEALING AND PROSPERITY ON THIS PLANET.

This is the future, my friends, and I intend for us all to be a part of it!

So, down to practical details of HOW.

Kristian, and  Caroline and Gala, this is the email address of Bernardi productions in Granada. This is the recording studio owned by my friend Monica Bernardi and her husband Angel. I think there is a way for you, Kristian, to make your music video there, and record your songs. It is time to write some music, my friend, and be an Ambassador of the Light that you see all around everything now. Share your happiness with the world! Monica, Kristian is a FANTASTIC young artist, and with the right handling could become a star, easily. His boyfriend owns a school for musicians and actors in Barcelona. I want you to talk to each other!!! Kristian had an experience with me the way that you did. He has a message of joy and peace and happiness for his generation which has been lost, in the dark and in despair. He asked the Universe for help, and it sent him me, as it sent me to you and your family. I consider you both part of my soul family, and nothing would make me happier than to see you working together. Monica, this is the way to make your new career. Find young people like Christian and produce them. You will create a new wave of music in Spain, not the usual. but more inspiring. Then we will do live shows, and we will have inspiration for the nation!! Send a copy of this email to Oscar and make sure he emails me! Caroline  lives in Barcelona, downstairs from where I lived, near to the Unity Church minister, Carlos Romanillos. She has diting skill and film technical editing and shooting equipment. You could make music videos together, although she does not have faith, as you both do. Kristian, you met Caroline. She is the beautiful black woman with the wonderful afro that was in my building. She has a GREAT video camera, and the best equipment. She is very clever and quick and with it, and well trained. She is a great editor and has everything you need to do music videos. She can teach as well. She has a lovely little girl, about six years old. Her name is Charley. Monica is a film maker as well as having a recording studio. She has a little girl about two years old. Gala is a wonderful organizer and very efficient with great people skills. Gala is a GREAT producer. Marina has a fabulous production team for fashion photography in Barcelona and in South America. She is brilliant at getting things done, and has a wonderful community in Ibiza. Marily is working for Elizabeth Arden. She comes from Peurto Rico and is relocating from Gibraltar to Madrid.

I consider you all to be a part of my team. I want to be able to do a documentary when I come back. I want you all to be moving on your dreams, making them come true, so we can share the SECRET of amazing abundance and success coming from the Source of all prosperity and creativity with everyone!!! I intend to set Europe on FIRE with all of our talent and vision and our message of hope and healing for the planet. Together we can reach the youth of Europe and change the world through inspiring music and film. You are all young, beautiful, and talented. Maria is a fabulous artist and can do album covers and set design. She will travel anywhere and do anything to make it happen with her wonderful husband. I have had a chance to look at the wonderful things that happened in my last month in Barcelona and realize what is up with this trip and what is supposed to happen with all these gifted, loving young people I met. I love you all! let us spread the Voice for Love all over the world. In fact, Kristian, that should be the title of your next song!!! the Voice for LOVE! it is more powerful than death, more powerful than pain. It is the voice of peace, the voice of love, the voice of forgiveness, the voice of healing. Let's come together and start being the powerful ambassadors for peace that we can be. it is up to your generation to find a way to turn this thing around, give up its addiction to pain and suffering and despair and rage,  and let the healing begin.
You need to start working together. Get with it! Gala, do your thing to get them talking to each other, and keep Carlos in the loop. He is a WONDERFUL INSPIRING HEALER and his wife is wonderful also. Together you can reach the young people in Spain and wake them UP to the magnificent abundance that comes with faith in Spirit.
My email address is
May peace prevail.