Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Adventure begins...

Some of you have heard the details of how I met Sonia Haynes in the Market at Lonsdale Quay. It was a Saturday in April and  was driving down Lonsdale towards the Quay, to meet a friend at the Greek restaurant nearby. I was looking at the sunshine on the water and the beautiful Vancouver skyline spread out in front of me when the small voice that guides me said, "Why don't you go to Spain?" Well that seemed like a good idea, since I knew I was going to Europe. When I was in the depths of despair over Samuel, I decided that once my daughter was married and I was through school, I was going to Europe, to France, actually, to "find my bones in Chartres" as I have been instructed to do. So Spain seemed like a good addition. I know that my father and mother went there to receive a film award at some festival or other and I remember lovely photos of black and red fishing boats lying tipped sideways on the beach.

So I parked under the Quay and prepared to meet my friend. But I had a few minutes to kill and I needed to buy something in order to pay for my parking. I came into the market and was immediately drawn to a lovely poised and peaceful Jamaican woman standing beside a cart of CD's. I went over and saw that they were meditation tapes made by herself. I asked if I could hear one, but she said that was not possible in the market. I said I could use a meditation tape, because there was nothing to hold me here, the relationship was over and I was going to Europe.

Imagine my surprise when she said, "Are you going to Spain?" "Why, Yes, I guess I am," I exclaimed. I just had that idea put into my head by the voice that I listen to, not five minutes ago! She had my attention. She went on to say that she now understood why she had come to the market that day. (She later told me I was the only person who talked to her all day!) She said that she had been told to tell me that I was going to meet my soul-mate in a cafe in Barcelona. She said this was a very sensuous relationship. "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!!" she said, her face lighting up with delight! She said he is a fabulous cook, and she saw me sipping white wine in a cafe, and then she said the hair on her arms was standing up. She said that his guides were telling him that I was coming and to wait for me. She said that I would know him by his voice, and I would hear him before I saw him, and I would immediately want to run, because this is IT! This is the Renaissance man I have been waiting for all my life, the very one I had described in an essay that I had written in the past tense, not more than two weeks earlier, on the Spring Break. I took a course with Miriam Evers, and she had us write our dream life as if it had already happened. I wrote about going to Europe and meeting a man. i visualized him dressed in black with swarthy skin, and a silver pony tail. Very sophisticated and elegant, a great dancer, and someone who has his money trip together. In my writing I said that he had at least one house in Europe, if not many, and together we bought another house, overlooking the ocean, in Ireland, where I could write.

So, of course, I asked her if he had a house. Her response was, of course, "Many houses!" I asked one more thing. "Is he articulate?" "Oh yes," she replied,  "He is brilliant. He speaks five languages. He is very charismatic. I see you swooning, looking up at him, mesmerized by his voice. Remember, it is his voice you will hear, and that will tell you it is him. He has a very thick accent, swarthy skin, and grey hair. He is the same age as you. There will be another man who says all the right things, uses the spiritual jargon, but it is not him. He is just trying to seduce you.

But remember, he has dealt with his money trip. Don't be too serious. He just wants to have FUN!! You will travel together, and you will have a tremendous creative breakthrough. "Do you wear glasses," she asked? I said, "Yes." And she said, I see you with your glasses on the beach in Greece painting watercolour in huge strokes. You are wearing a Mediterranean Blue bathing suit. She said, I am not sure, but i think it has two pieces and there is a pattern down at the bottom.....Well that was the clincher. Of course, Sonia was describing MY Mediterranean blue two piece bathing suit with the pattern down below. I was amazed. She seemed so incredibly sincere, and yet she was excited for me, so much that the hair on her arms was standing up.

Later in a session I had with her, she told me that the metaphor for the relationship was of him holding me in his hands so that he could protect me and I could heal from the disappointment in my life with my father. I had just been working with that issue of feeling abandoned and betrayed when I needed support the most when I was a little girl. She held her hands out in a cup, and said that he would not be able to bear to be parted from me, and he would hurry home if he ever had to be away, so that we could be together.

I remembered those words when I found myself at a gala affair put on by a group of wonderful men in the Sterling Institute in Newburgh New York two months later. I had been shopping in New York when a woman in the next booth announced, those are nice, but you can do way better in Barcelona! I didn't miss a beat. "WHERE in Barcelona?" I asked. Port VELL, Port VELL, Port VELL!!!" She said it very clearly so I would remember it. And of course, when I asked her where the cafes in Barcelona were, it was Port VELL!!!!!! Now I knew where to go in Barcelona.

The next miracle was the clincher, though. At my place at the dinner put on by the men in New York (men from all over the Eastern Seaboard, I might add, who had driven from miles away to bring that dinner to us women) was a card. The card said, "WISH" When I opened it, inside was a picture of a man's hands holding a couple obviously very much in love, in his hands. The words written by some man I will never meet in this lifetime were "Hurry home so that I can hold you in my hands and we can bask in the warmth of our love."
Well, I was a basket case.

Later the leader of the workshop said to me, "That sounds like prophecy! Be careful, or you might get what you want!"

And I will. And when I meet him, he will say my name, because I have told him my name and he has told me his. He has told me his birthday, and how old he is. He is a Scorpio, 60 years old, and he is Macedonian. We are communicating through the Angel Board that I have used since Katy was a little girl. That board plays a very important part in this story, and I will take it with me when I go.

Now the only question I have is whether I will celebrate my birthday in Barcelona or Paris. I'm thinking Paris, since it is Bastille Day. Pray for me that it will be with my new love, Zoltano Azzroff.

I love you all!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Two Weeks to Go!

Dear Friends,
The days are growing short. I am beginning to become excited, excited
and terrifies all at once. I am sifting through my life, the
bouquets, the accomplishments of this past year. I am concluding the
wonderful months at Britannia which saw all my dreams come true. My
vision of a youth driven team of young hot shots making something
exceptional to show the world has been with me for seventeen long
years. Within a week of being at Britannia, I looked around at the
MacG5 Lab, and I knew that I could do it there. Long hours, driven by
a vision of the best Yearbook ever, working overtime night after
night to drown my sorrow over losing Samuel, learning Photoshop, and
publishing, meeting deadlines, raising funds, pulling off miracle
after miracle. There were those skeptics who said they would believe
it when they saw it, and even they admit it is "a masterpiece,"
"brilliant," "outstanding," the best Yearbook ever!" And then there
was the production of The Fantaxticks, a fantastic success, and
another huge learning curve. I learned the basics of sound and
lighting, and was the technical director and Assistant Director to
Sarah Ng, who is a phenomenon in her own right. What an amazingly
gifted woman she is, and I was blessed to have her as my colleague
for a full seven months. In fact, I would not have had the job if she
hadn't had the vision to see that, though I was clearly wacky, I was
a life-long learner, and a producer like herself, a doer. And I got
it done. Thank GOD I had that job to keep me busy. There is no way I
would have gotten through it if I did not have something to throw
myself into. More learning and forgiving on the fast track, and now I
am FREE!!! I have done what I said I would do, and the next step of
my adventure awaits me. I am going to Barcelona to meet my soul-mate!
I do not have time right now to tell you how I know this. I have to
pack. But over the next few days I will grab time, and make a record
of this last incredible few8 months that are leading me to a once in
a lifetime miracle. Well, actually I have had a lifetime filled with
miracles, and I will be writing about these signs and wonders as I
blog my way across Europe. I hope that anyone who is reading this is
one of my students or colleagues or friends who have all asked me to
keep in touch! This is how I am doing it!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


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